i watched lie with me.

i spent two beautiful hours with a beautiful movie.

do i also feel lost like leila? she runs from people, and the fabric of her clothes are sails hoarding the wind. she runs into a man, and he has arms as large as the sky. she falls towards him, headfirst. her mouth is full of him, his wishes, his words, his deaths, his lives, his own truths.

i imagine leila writing in her journal: “there’s a man haunting my dreams, he doesn’t speak, but carries a lantern. are you charon? i ask him. do you have a boat that can carry me over miles of water? he smiles and carries me. but you left the lantern, i say. no matter, his eyes say. and then we slip into the water, boat and all. and underneath was all light, all arms, all limbs.”


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