is what we need to keep us from tearing each other apart.

but what if the animal in you is so fierce that the scent of the kill is oxygen to your lungs?

welcome to the orgy of an ethics-less world.

thanks to ateneo, i’m a sucker for fairness.

in this world, absence of ethics abounds.

i hate people who are insensitive androids. don’t freak out if i spit at you.


today, somebody gave me a banana cake. i love banana cakes. i love the texture and color, how the black filaments from the banana litter the batter. the cake almost resembled the taste of the german cookies we always had in an annual feast during my grade school days. but the difference is, i get to eat my cake at my own pace, and not before the bell rings for first period.

here’s having my cake and eating it, too.    want some of my cake?

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