just a little bit crazy…

the best anti-depressants for me! (or things to bribe me with, for that matter. Tee-hee 🙂 )

1) a good movie/art films – eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, amelie, great expectations, virgin suicides, monsters, inc., to name a few.

2) great tracks – songs by skunk anansie (sex-rock!), cranberries, korn, rage against the machine, garbage, marilyn manson….

3) You

4) ice cream – no marshmallows, please.

5) a book/piece of poem by a great writer – Edith Tiempo never fails. And Margaret Atwood. and my other secret favorite writer.

6) my lovely dogs – i love them fiercely. as in. i love them with a hint of hunger in pleasing them. i feel i love them more than i love some people.

7) kids and babies – aaw, baby… someday in the near future, there will be no unnecessary pain to wound you.

8) my stuffed toys – i have a grey bear, a black bear, eeyore without his tail, lots of baby piggies, a pink giraffe, a very very large turtle, a pink elephant, and more! i want a cheetah stuffed toy!

9) children’s books – calvin and hobbes, winnie the pooh

10) sunsets and rain

after all these years of angst-ridden and blessed writing, i am, after all, a beaming basket case; a dollop, a mess, but one that speaks in hush-hush, warm tones, like a Van Gogh painting, violently messed-up, but chanting sutras; a little girl wearing a torn dress, skipping rocks on a lake while singing her “I’m a little tea pot” song.


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