from anonymity to publicity

a friend of a friend of a friend has a blog now. remember our snatches of conversations and our single long talk ages ago? you are so *&%^)$#  consistent. hah! if you’re reading this, you’re indeed a silent animal smelling the air for prey. if you manage to find my blog, you’re definitely one hungry animal. and i’ll find out because i have eyes and ears all over the metro. tee-hee. and don’t you ever attempt to link your blog with mine.  i’m dead serious. 

welcome to the hungry world of voyeurs and closet actors and actresses. welcome to the jungle! and even if we don’t drink to this momentous event (is it because you’re afraid to get drunk and find yourself prancing and dancing some esoteric rain dance in front of me?), i will surely kid around once i get to see you (after several light years, that’s my gut feel).

should i promote you? nah, it’s useless. you should check my stats. it’s close to zilch. which is what i prefer. so if the stat gets several notches higher, i know you’re the culprit. and you will pay for it. 

man, go wow your readers. as for me,  i’ll be lurking and sniffing around.

short advert for God: God, thank you for keeping my family, my friends, my loved ones safe amidst the typhoon. i owe you a lot. you are an awesome God. please keep the grieving and the dead closer to your heart. thank you for catching all the falling things on earth, including us, your children.  angel with children 


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