warning: don’t read this if you’re allergic to rantings (and this is not about lo0o0ve)

friday, october 6

here i am at the office, at 1:09am to be exact, still wide-eyed, trying to beat the deadline for our sampler.

i notice i am always on the run. chasing something, escaping from emotions, skirting away from other people. and oh, chasing deadlines. everyone’s on a rush…

there’s music playing in the background: “i’ll stop the world and melt with you.” the movie, fifty first dates, got me melting in my seat. i was so touched by the movie, so overwhelmed by the sincerity of the story. and i love the baby penguin.

it’s 4am. i’m so alive during night time. i stretch my limbs, and i feel taut. i feel like a runner about to sprint from the side walk to the moon.

song currently being played: “If I don’t make it known that I’ve loved you all along just like sunny days that we ignore because we’re all dumb & jaded and I hope to God I figure out what’s wrong..”

monday, october 9, 11: 37pm

emotion: ranting inside

need: to watch art films NOW

barricade: event

result: basket case

appearance: a ghoul

comfort: not much (i miss my dogs)

thankful for: friends who are helping

not thankful for: pressure

buzzing in my mind: possibility of _______

buzzing in my soul: “i hope to find my place in the greater scheme of things…”

God is saying: be still (this was the first thought that came to me after coming up with this category)

what keeps me going: drive and energy

first hollywood actor that comes to mind: adrien brody

second hollywood actor that comes to mind: keanu reeves

i therefore conclude: life is awesome. pass me a bottle.

song buzzing in my head: sheryl crow’s “all i wanna do.”

“all i wanna do is have some fun, i have the feeling i’m not the only one… all i wanna do is have some fun, until the sun comes down on the santa monica boulevard.”

Notice the photo. Stare at it. That is me. If you can’t figure it out, you don’t know me.Want me to hold a contest? Hehehe. Watch closely. Read me. Read my poems. Ahh. Got it? Bingo.


thank you to terragalleria.com. apologies for the brashness.

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