cartoon love

i don’t often watch spongebob square pants. this saturday was different. the episode i watched was pure heart even if i was looking at quirky underwater characters who actually drink milk. spongebob got addicted to beating the popular maniac who reached the trillion record in the paddle-string-and-ball game. he didn’t even realize one week had elapsed, thus, he wasn’t able to feed gary, his pet snail.

gary got so sad he packed his bags and left. you should have seen him with his bundle slung onto a stick. such a baby snail. he was adopted by an old woman who loved to feed him. Think an older elmira with the big urge to feed snails. with the help of patrick, spongebob arranged a search for gary; flyers went up; announcements, leaflets, posters, billboards had pleas like: “gary, please come back,” “so sorry, gary, forgive me!” it was my first time to watch spongebob cry.

at his new home, gary saw the eloquent messages when he was given a stack of paper for his droppings. he also lost his appetite after finding a cabinet full of empty, broken snail shells (apparently due to overfeeding). he returned to his true home, giving spongebob his  sweet “meow.” he was so happy with gary’s return his voice got more high-pitched!


note: i’m so happy i found a photo of spongebob posting flyers for gary. i love these little things, they really really make me happy. just plain happy. no amount of bad vibes can destroy this moment.

second note: i don’t care if people find this immature. poor them. they’ve lost their wendy and peter pan in their hearts.

3 thoughts on “cartoon love

  1. Admin says:

    I can’t say I’m a fan of Spongie, but you have a way of making it sound interesting…

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