poison ivy

or things you should know about me before it’s too late 

they say that when you fight harder against the pull of quicksand, you get into a lot more trouble. but if you just allow yourself to sink, you realize it’s nice to have no solid ground beneath your feet.

for the few who know my blog and for the unfortunate ones who have stumbled upon this, i’d like to share with you my quirks. reasons for this post: a) i am bored straight out of my skull since i want to do more strenuous physical activities such as swimming or zipping (future post/s on these topics) b) i am attempting to be ditzy..heehee c) i have lots of poetic posts that i seem to need a comic relief, some sort of comfort room break, for both you and me.

1) i desperately try not to smoke, drink and not to troop to a tattoo station for my desired design. My self-control astounds myself. >> i’ve written this post eons ago. i’ve just met a man who does tattoo, and who showed me his back and his tummy full of images. talk about loving pain and art.>>

2) i am a crybaby.

3) i love the moon.

4) i take friends and family for granted.

5) i sometimes care a lot more for strangers.

6) i can carry on a tune, and i can dance.

7) i am physically flexible (but years have reduced that flexibility), still there are benefits to be had.

8. i can’t whistle.

9) i used to have a crush on Guns & Roses’ Axl Rose.

10) i speak my mind especially when i’m angry. i’ve hurt a lot of people with my bitchiness.

 11) i hate people who love to backfight. i’d rather be stabbed face-on. i hate people who love to spread lies and gossip.

12) i can’t cook. pathetic.

13) i’m iffy about blogging. even until now. i do this a) for parody b) for entertainment—yours and mine.

14) when i fall in love with books, i read them over and over again.

15) i get insane cravings for food every once in a while. i’ve had cravings for kamias, jollibee champ, morcon, pusit, etc. right now, i’m craving for ice cream.

16) i can’t eat food from burger machine, even if i wanted to. their sauce makes my tummy act funny.

17) i love only a few blogs, and i admire their respective writers for their being sensible. i’m always on the lookout for sensible people. if you’ve made it to my list, you’re in luck since i would praise even the ballpen you’ve used since college.

18) i can’t draw.

19) when i burp, i don’t care what you think of me.

20) i have my own notion of the end of the world based on our high school lessons in mayan culture, and it sometimes scares the shit out of me.

21) when i get attached to a friend, i really get attached. remember the starfish in Finding Nemo? i stuck like a real-time sucker to any unlucky person. beware.

22) i love animals. i love wolves, i love cheetahs, i love pandas.. i love cuddly cute animals and some of their predators.

23) i am a boring conversationalist. i prefer to listen to sensible people. but when i choose to talk, watch out cos it might get unstoppable.

24) i tend to overread things, statements, instances. i’m a sucker for metaphors coming alive in real life.

25) i have been featured in a couple of exhibits with my entries being my half-naked self. of course, sublimation is the key for me to have remained anonymous. (i love this term, anonymous. it’s so smooth to my tongue.) my dream is to be a nude model for a painting or a sculpture. there was once a person who found out this dream. this person was offering to shoot me (since this person was adept at photography, this i have to admit even if it makes me gag), but thank god, i didn’t oblige. this person had a way of making this person’s stints known to the world. >> update: we have another exhibit. yey! 🙂

26) i complicate things; i love indie films.

27) i’d love to go hot air ballooning, ride a carousel, go hiking. definitely go to india.

28) i keep secrets in a metal chest and swallow the key.

29) read kundera to understand this: i’m very particular about who to welcome in my poetic memory. when you’re inside, you stay. for good.

30) my OC-iness borders on clinical.




i’m gung-ho over this song these days. i don’t listen to it on my player several times a day, but it echoes in my mind, while i stare outside my window, while i eat lollipop, while i imagine myself packing up and going to my neverland. my lovely last-song syndrome, my bittersweet wad of gum.

yeah yeah yeah

yeah yeah yeah
pack up i’m a stray enough oh say say say you’ll say say say you’ll say say say you’ll say say say you’ll say say say..

they don’t love you like i love you
they don’t love you like i love you
they don’t love you like i love you

 i don’t just hear the ocean, i also hear moonlight

“i don’t just hear the ocean, i also hear moonlight ….”

 *this photo was taken by carlo guerrero from a quaint restaurant. i think it’s balaw-balaw in rizal. credits to all concerned, especially to the owner of the resto.

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