caught off-guard

[8:19:11 PM] <xxxxxxxx> jojo, i forgot to tell you something
[8:22:27 PM] <egubat> yez?
[8:23:23 PM] <xxxxxxxx> i dreamt last night that you did something nice for me. i don’t know what it was. can’t remember. but whatever it is, thank you. even though it’s just a dream, i feel like it’s real
[8:24:57 PM] <egubat> crazy. ang baby. i hope i can do that in real life, though. thank you, too.
[8:25:45 PM] <xxxxxxxx> i’m sure you can. ur one of my good friends here. huwag ka magre-resign ha? promise? kasi masaya ko dito. nalulungkot ako pag may nawawala
[8:28:39 PM] <egubat> don’t worry…
[8:29:10 PM] <xxxxxxx> tahnks. i’m going in a while. bye jojo! c u tomorrow! i’ll bring ur gifts.

in the office, we have an internal YM called PSI. most of the time, i don’t use it; i feel it’s so far-out to message someone who’s only a few feet away from you; plus, it’s good to walk from one department to another and bug people at the same time. 🙂

one evening, as lots of us SA (that’s my own code name, sorry to be esoteric) were sweating our asses off to beat our deadlines, somebody sent me a set of messages via PSI. i’m not really into getting intimate with other people. i believe it’s helpful to have that sturdy wall around you. but this one managed to carve a chink on my wall. the messages were so innocently nice, coming straight from the heart, that all i sent back were somewhat vague messages. to think that this set of messages came from somebody who’s very childlike (i’m a putty when it comes to kids), i just had to have that warm, fuzzy feeling. darn. fyi: jojo is an expression from the movie, happy feet. this person calls me jojo after work (i hope it’s not because i look like a penguin). so, as usual, i am all tongue-tied, and ready to give you, my friend, a huge hug.



(wait for my future post on “little miss sunshine.” finally, i got to watch it. how do i feel about the movie? quoting one line from “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind:” “i can die right now…i’m just… happy. i’ve never felt that before.” i guess partly it’s because i’ve waited for this movie for almost eight months i don’t care if they show the movie in reverse with bengali lines— i’d still fall in love with it.)


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