happy thoughts

there’s a certain author i love more fiercely than others (if that were even possible when it comes to my devotion with my chosen writers). i love this certain author’s metaphors and characters. he wrote in one of his recent books how the memory of the protagonist’s father seemed to be poisoned by stories of his mother. this boy is such a melancholic one that “his fingers can see in the dark” whenever he wanted to hold his mother’s hand.

i’m writing this because i think of his books right now. i think of his stories, the quirks of his characters, their dilemmas and inconveniences, their mishaps, their fantasies and frustrations. i relish reading his books, and being apart from his latest book makes me yearn for it. 

to sum up, this is not one of my days. and so i am rounding up my happy thoughts, as peter pan always tells me to do.

what are my happy thoughts?

1. recently, i was able to hug the “duck” i referred to as going to her own south. this same friend sent me an email that made me cry. imagine me in my workplace sniffling while trying to edit an article. it’s true: it’s the sound of this person’s laughter that i’m really gonna miss. now, i feel that ever-familiar emotion attached to the phrase, “it’s the saddest part of my day leaving you.” (from love actually)

2. i ate chicken curry, which i’ve been craving for weeks

3. i have the sked of indie short films. (now, being able to watch them is another story.)

4. corny sms that make me smile

5. pictures of kids. now, if only i can hold them

6. my books waiting on my bed (like assorted lovers?)

7. the memory of that one night when i slept with moonshine on my chest

8. looking forward to reggae nights

9. looking forward to Simpsons The Movie (ten-ten-ten-tenen-tenten-tenenenen-tenenenen)

10. thank god for the friend of my mom (gasp, my mom has a friend? he-he-he) who survived an alarming asthma attack. i can only imagine the wheezing sound of death.

11. the idea of getting taller (hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!)

12. my dogs. my turtle. my stuffed toys. my brother who has a big nose. hahahaha!


2 thoughts on “happy thoughts

  1. swimanog says:

    Have a look at “Uncorrected Proof” (a novel) ..maybe this is one for you as well

  2. weight of words says:

    hi! thank you! i just read its synopsis, and it’s very interesting. will find time to scour for a copy. 🙂

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