a bit of science of sleep & stranger than fiction

breathing your name 

 going first base with science of sleep
i saw the trailer of the science of sleep, and it made me shudder. i have to watch the movie. this is one of the movies i should watch before i die. it’s a crazy film, promising to carve a hole in your heart. as usual (based on the trailer), gael is at his most wonderful. in the movie, he gives you that sense of living a life of peaceful torment. not to mention the fact that i am reminded of my fascination towards him every full moon.

ain’t i completely strange and incomprehensibly lovable?
i finally got to watch stranger than fiction. i love this druggie trip down insane lanes. the movie is like being john malkovich with more uppers. i especially loved the last line of the novel: a wrist watch saved harold crick’s life, and the paragraph where this line belongs. i love emma thompson’s character, a very passionate writer who would go to lengths to closely experience events vicariously. i love the sparseness and richness of language, and how the events tied themselves in. i remember a book by coelho, about your old life being killed so that out of the corpse of the old life, a new life can be born. wow.


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