ghostly smile (lousy post)

a friend has an interesting blog. she doesn’t know that i browse her blog, and surprisingly, i enjoy reading it. her tone is a bit fierce, like every breath she takes in is tinged with sarcasm. hmm, we have an angry soul here. what’s more, she’s a smart girl, so it’s a deadly combination. no wonder men are afraid of her. tee-hee.

another (ex)-platonic friend shared that she feels 2007’s first two quarters will be hard for her. and then just this day, i realized mine might also be similar to her situation. oh drat. i used to think that i have annual bouts or periods of depression. it went on and off, until i got a pattern. and oh boy, when it comes, it seizes me, as if i am being shaken by my shoulders for two hours. after that, i end up mangled, with a ghostly smile on my face.

hmm, today is a sad day. fyi. wtf. omg. (acronyms make me smile. amazing. *i’m so gullible. tee-hee.*)

–february 1, 2007


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