while i watch, blue stars shiver in the distance

(isn’t neruda something?)

little miss sunshine is a movie i’ve been dying to watch for months for the following reasons:

i love the color yellow
it’s about a floundering family
it’s a cannes entry

the poster is beautiful
quirks are accepted

after watching the movie, i wanted to critique it. i remember chatting up someone at the movie house before the screening. he was a movie critic, and i almost kissed his feet. for me, it’s a job sent by the heavens to all those who deserve that post. But then, he said something mundane, “sakit na nga ng mata ko, kanina pa ko ditong umaga.”  he was clutching a pamphlet containing a list of all the movies in the festival. i pitied him and his eyes, but a large part of me envied him. wow, he was authorized to watch all those movies? god. i felt i was the little prince, all giddy and grinning when he found the planet having over twenty sunsets each day.

it’s a nerd thing, to want to write about something—a book, a song, a movie, a painting—-and critique it. i want to pull any beautiful art form apart, and bring to light beautiful, throbbing pieces causing me awe.

little miss sunshine was my sunrise for that day.

it was a raw movie, with family members in the movie initially apologizing silently for their existence.

in the end, they realized there was nothing to apologize for. they were fine, and as long as they dance to their own lovely songs, they’ll be alright.

track to accompany this entry: float on


they had a beat-up van which they had to push for it to accelerate. they were struggling on, but enjoying the ride.


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