i once wrote about the only living mermaid in my life, my mentor. i discovered her blog, and i am in awe.

“my mermaid, god, i’m so excited to have stumbled upon your blog. everytime we cross paths, i feel it is God’s message that everything would be alright. now this, i am reading your blog, and your words slide and slip in my heart, and i am happy. email me, whatever, gibberish, trash, anything, just to have your words in my sphere. – eva,” – 4:23 AM

her reply? less than twenty words, but it was very meaningful. so is this how being truly sanctified feels?

she is. she is a writer to the very last breath of the very last letter of the very last word of her latest poem.

i am not linking her with my insipid blog. it’s similar to calling out to God and asking him if He can be my thesis partner.

woman of the blue


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