another dialogue

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” ~John Lennon

that’s it. i’ve encountered this post twice within three days. i’m just posting this as a reminder to myself. after writing a fiction segment about john lennon, he’s now haunting me. is that how powerful he is?

what happens when you edit a 12-pager article, a 7-pager and a 4-pager in a row? you doubt if indeed you haven’t taken any hallucinogens since the world spins and your hands look larger than usual. save me. the undertow of listless words is too strong.


“i have my music player on right now. it’s on shuffle mode. the next song will be my song for you,” she says.

“oh. but you listen to rock, indie, grunge, a bit of celtic, clash, led zep, sex rock, and more angry tunes. the probability of my getting a nice song is nil,” he confesses.

“here goes.”

smashing pumpkins’ mellon collie and the infinite sadness plays on.

“i know that. that’s billy corgan’s.”

“see. it wasn’t bad at all,” she says.

“but it doesn’t have any words.”

“the title is more than enough, you see.”

the more you change, the less you feel


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