5 things you feel when you’re having therapy

1. you feel stupid. how the hell does one have an intrinsic knowledge to put on
a medical gown? when i got examined for x-ray, the male med tech asked me to changed into a gown. i tried to get affirmation from him if i wore the gownright. it turned out the front side should be the back side. so how does one tie those strings, then, if your only companion in the room is the med tech himself?

2. you feel more stupid. read this: “so, did you bring a pair of shorts?” the PT asked. “i didn’t know i was supposed to bring shorts,” i said.

3. you feel your esteem is diminishing. read this: “does this hurt?” the PT asked. “yes.” “hmm, low threshold,” the PT mumbles to herself. to quote rex navarete in marites and her super friends: sorry, i was just eating fish!

4. you feel cold. the gown is thin, and you are only in your undies (see # 2).

5. you feel you’re in an asylum. the walls are white. the PT leaves you to do stretches. you wait. meanwhile, you in your white gown merge with the wall.

for those who are wondering, yes, i’m okay. just a bit alienated since my first therapy session. or “rehab,” to quote the receptionist at the hospital. what’s nice about this is, i have to undergo swimming sessions, an activity which i’ve been dying to do. yey!


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