tv series

i’m slowly getting addicted to grey’s anatomy.

quotes from grey’s anatomy:

“of course, now you know every time he gets a rise, he’ll be thinking of you.” – says miranda to issie — hmm, a friend beat miranda to this beautiful thought. haha!

“barriers don’t keep others out. they fence you in.” – tell me something i don’t know.

i am a certified nut case for prison break. thanks, michael scofield, for redeeming the male of the species’ real masculinity.

and now for the finale!
quoting garbage: you can look, but you can’t touch. 🙂

man oh man

i can’t wait to get tattooed. upper, relax, i will tell you when the time is ripe. i know you want to see me weep and wince with the pain first hand.

i have designs now. i might have two on spots where bones jut. they say the more painful areas to be tattooed on are the chest, kidney area, spine. i’m thinking of going for the outline, no shading, but we’ll see. now, what do i do with some hurdles? man, there are people who are opposing this plan… i don’t want to hurt them, thus the dilemma.

why can’t life be simple sometimes? get tattooed, get on with your life, nobody gets disgruntled. is that too much to ask?

btw, my therapist (can we all read it as the rapist? please? it gives me a kick. 🙂 ) told me i have low pain tolerance. great news, right? f*cking a** of a tolerance. i feel i’m gonna faint in the middle of getting tattooed.

oh, if you have other tv series you think i might dig, tell me. but i’m telling you now, i have a distaste for lost and 24. so, please give me other titles in my suggestion box.

my other tv series fascination:

band of brothers


i wish that producers churn out more series for my taste. i don’t usually go for the dramatic shows with murders and constant affairs. oh, and i don’t like thrillers, too. even if i am a night creature, i don’t prefer to imagine things sliding out from under the table. i remember getting addicted to the show, ally mcbeal. it was really an addiction. i took dinner at a later time, i watched even if i had acads tests and presentations lined up the next day. thank god, the series is over, it’s not really nice to be tied down by a tv show. there are more important things to do in life, right? 😉

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