looking for homes

lean on me when you’re not strong

i handle a magazine for kids. i used to secretly envy my colleague who was handling this magazine in 2006. when she resigned, the magazine was given to my care. i can still picture the big smile on my face when the mag was turned over to me, as if i was being told that i’d be winning a lifetime stay in the library of my choice (nerd.). i remembered bugging the EIC to let me write for this magazine. i was meeting her for the first time, and i was pimping my writing skills (?) to her twenty seconds after i shook her hand.

when it was my turn to handle the mag, i was so caught up doing backroom work for it (editorial production, budget, managing of EA) that i forgot to volunteer for the editorial side. imagine, to be chummy with the EIC and forget to pimp myself! crazy girl.

now, i finally got to volunteer for a science-y topic. just when i was flexing my hands to begin the article (i’m trying to project that i am a deadline-conscious writer here. good thing the EAs of Burn and F&B don’t know my blog), my EIC emails me: can you instead do the shelter animals article since agay is just one visit away to PAG-ASA for the article? of course, i said yes. this was opportunity spreading its legs.

now i am reading a blog (http://mefindhome.blogspot.com/) for the article. i am also up for a visit in the shelter in katipunan (maybe next week). one minute into the blog, and tears are welling up in my eyes. fuck sensible writing. so much for psyching myself into not feeling too much and handling this like a professional writer.

i am really into animals. i hate people hurting them, so much so that i have a portion in me that still hates my mom and stepdad for doing this crime. if i recount all the incidents when my pets naturally made me cry, you would also be able to have a ballpark figure (also factor in people moments) of how many times i died and emerged more shaken and jaded.

joyce sees through your heart even if she’s blind

so pray for me please that i finish this article, that i be more professional, that the article doesn’t come way off as 100% plea, that i don’t come off as a writer only down on my knees and praying for the animals’ redemption, that i empower, not just bring tears to people’ eyes.

i have asked that you do not link my blog to yours. but as a very special birthday gift (eto na, using our friendships; sorry, i have to do this for what i’m also fighting for), can you please link the said blog to your blog to raise awareness? please, i beg you.

thank you. tell me when you’ve linked the animal welfare blog, and i’ll give you a huge hug! it’s the least you and i can do.

i guess each one of us has either found his or her home or is in the middle of one’s search. the stories differ, but the yearning is the same.
please find me a mommy

even a goddess needs love

sadly, nicole has an enlarged heart, but she can definitely love in an immense waynicole


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