i’ve saved in my phone the birthday gifts i would like to give myself: the book everything is illuminated, to sponsor a party with kids, to enroll in a class for drum-playing and swimming lessons.

for the book, i am on the lookout… ok, fine, i haven’t found the time to scour book stores. my bad.

for the lessons, i’ve started my first swimming class yesterday. i realized that i really deserved that 80 in swimming when i was in high school. i also realized how lousy i am in relearning the freestyle stroke. i can never get it right, the breathing, the rhythm, how you should tilt your head to catch air. there i was, a lost seal gulping air and water at the same time. my instructor is blessed with tremendous amount of patience. i can only imagine his frustration. hello breathing. it’s like my problem in walking. they’re so simple, and yet i can’t even do them right.

for the party with kids, i was very fortunate to spend it with the kids of GK Concepcion. i can’t put into words my experiences right now, but let’s just say i had a catch in my throat when i thanked the volunteers in GK Concepcion. it was really one blessed time, and i am immensely happy for that humbling experience. the sound of endless “ate!” “ate!” was the most beautiful music i’ve ever heard.


2 thoughts on “gifts

  1. Hampers says:

    Nice blog on gifts. I like to give and take gifts that makes me happy. It was nice going through your blog. Cheers 🙂

  2. […] birthday’s here. i’ve always tried writing thoughts down to mark this day. past entries include one about gifts, another one about my distaste towards my previous company and yet another for my fascination […]

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