just another movie

“One thing never changed: the brilliant charge of their infrequent couplings was darkened by the sense of time flying, never enough time, never enough.” brokeback mountain, annie proulx >>
sorry just had to stash this in this blog for posterity. i really really like these lines.

another movie having a bit of myself part 2
ghost world – enid says, “you know what my # 1 fantasy is? i used to think that one day, just not telling anyone, i could go off to some random place, and i just disapper, like you’ll never see me again.” i watched this movie on apr 28, and when i heard her remarks, they hit me with such force. i’ve toyed with this idea since college, even coming up with a mental list of places to house myself. i fear that one day, i’ll really do this. it’s like having a tornado inside me that’s raging to escape.


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