oh so random

i can’t help but post these random thoughts from a colleague. she sat on my work chair and pretended to be me, typing these phrases on a work document. if you’d look closely enough, you’d see snatches of wisdom here. that is, if you can stop snorting for a minute.

Hi, I’m Eva. I really am. And I will always be treated like Eva. You better believe it, babeh! You better believe it.

So, what’s up, Eva?

I don’t know.

Am I Eva?

Only she knows. Only she.


The World on our shoulders.

How do we get it off?

It’s too heavy.

Kulang kasi ako sa exercise.


Bakit siya ganyan?

Singit ng singit sa usapang hindi naman kanya. Tapos, tatawa nalang.

Siguro, dahil kyut siya. At alam niya na totoo.

Sa bagay. Kyut talaga.

Sige na nga.


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