one of my peter pans has slowly grown up and has lost lots of sleep for it

another title option: this entry shamelessly worships a boy named daniel johns

silverchair was just another garage band nursing a homey band name when they were catapulted to fame. their song, tomorrow won a contest and was then released to the hungry world by a radio network. in 1995, they released their first album, Frogstomp (whose album design ranks in my collection of greatest sleeve designs, of which nirvana’s and smashin pumpkins crowd around for equal glory).


in 1995, in my own corner, i was in grade 7 and was devouring rock music thrown my way. silverchair was served to me, i ate their songs up, and i had the all-time high of a teenager wistfully angry.


i remain faithful to daniel johns, the demi-god of my high school days. it’s been a dizzying ride since 1995, and one of the things i hold on to are the creases of his jeans lest i dash my ankle against the pavement.

fast forward to 2007 with his young modern album. insert garbage’s song here: “hear your voice everytime that i’m talking….”

(chronology of silverchair’s albums: frogstomp, freakshow, neon, ballroom, diorama, young modern). as if you care. 🙂

eva is listening to: pure massacre (frogstomp) = pure bliss


One thought on “one of my peter pans has slowly grown up and has lost lots of sleep for it

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