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movies to watch

can’t wait to watch the movies of my two babies, johnny depp and adrien brody. i would definitely have a heart attack if a movie outfit schedules any gabriel garcia bernal movie to join this shindig.

my group editor loves this musical so much he was even part of a Repertory production in the 90s. can’t wait to watch the video he’s gonna loan me. now if only i can convince sir adel to sing. 🙂

one of my dreams is to visit india. and now, adrien brody has a movie set in my beloved country. it’s a sign—india or bust! in my college yearbook writeup, i even wrote there that i am a victim of diaspora, originally from india. now, all i need is cash and an equally crazy friend to go with me.

now just look at my baby…

these days

it’s hard to read paulo coelho’s the alchemist. i’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to fate. but my actions go against my skepticism. i don’t do anything vital and major in my life; i’ve so many plans and so many what-if’s moments that make me fume inside due to my stoicism. i’ve always wanted to be in charge and forget about fate. maktub, that word in the book, meaning “it is written,” illustrates that everything is pre-ordained. we can rebel against it and take charge. but in this situation, you only have to sit still and let things flow.

baby boom
one friend just had a baby (the baby’s name is skye. now isn’t that something?), while another is still nursing a huge bump. ain’t it a baby boom in my sphere? when will God play spin-the-bottle again? i wonder who’s next..

saturday event
Spark is hosting an event with Enchanted Kingdom this saturday. but then, i just found out that Guyito won’t dance anymore as part of our program. and i was so looking forward to it. 😦

currently listening to…
johnny mercer’s and henry mancini’s moon river as performed by louis armstrong. this song just melts my heart. i leave you for the moment with its words:

moon river wider than a mile
i’m crossing you in style someday
you dream maker, you heartbreaker
wherever youre going, i’m going your way
two drifters off to see the world
there’s such a lot of world to see
We’re after the same rainbow’s end
waiting round the bend
my huckleberry friend, moon river
and me

moon river

another’s, he will be another’s

(the title originally runs as “another’s, she will be another’s” from pablo neruda’s poem, tonight, i can write the saddest lines)

last night, between 6-8PM, somebody stole my phone right under my nose at the office. i don’t know what hurts more: being tricked that way or realizing that karma has reared its mighty head. you see, a month ago, my little brother’s phone was stolen. of course, his habit of slinging his messenger bag way across his back gave the thief the advantage. for days, i called him stupid. last night, when i got home, he didn’t say “quits” to me. he gave me a hug.

now, you can call us “two stupid siblings.”

and i realized, between 3AM and 4AM last night, that losing a phone is like undergoing a break-up. you undergo different stages: anger, apathy, depression, acceptance. see, when you’re fresh from a break-up, it’s like having your world jarred really bad. your habits are disturbed, events end, places that shimmer now suck. picture this: when you go to sleep, you pat the other side of the bed to check if it’s there, and then you realize, it’s gone. and along with that disappearance is the agony of informing relevant people the news. and then telling them the story, admitting to them your mistakes and getting their pitying look.

last night, i oscillated from stoicism to mild rage because i lost the following:

– my photos with guyito
– my dogs’ photos
– rare photos
-photos i took when i went to U.P. for a shooting spree
– star-struck SMS (yes, i have a folder where i save SMS from people i admire. i lost the SMS sent by gelo suarez, gang badoy and tad ermitanio. fuck.)
-my favorite bible quotes
-URL list of strangers’ blogs
-photos with cynthia alexander
-that one sweet SMS from my dad
-my dolphin accessory
-great images for my wallpaper

oh, yeah, and my contacts, too. yep, i never backed up my contacts. i am open to being scolded for this.

and what do you know, in a span of a day, i began missing the old alarm clocks and the wall clock in my room. this morning, after dragging myself out of bed, i hollered down the stairs to ask what time it was.

to cheer me up, my friend and i surfed the net last night to look at the specs of the two phones i’ve been eyeing.

at the end of the day, the one thing i’m thankful for is the fact that the contents of my phone were all for general patronage.

high school all over again & more

(this post was created days ago)

i’m a lazy friendster user. a former colleague built a friendster account for me, and i’ve maintained it since then out of politeness. i have a rule: i never do the inviting; i always wait to be invited. so suki, one of my dearest friends whom i am prepared to donate blood to or limbs or bone marrow if the need arises, isn’t my friendster friend simply because she hasn’t invited me yet. now, i read in my yahoo mail that somebody wishes to add me up, and that somebody happens to be one of the cutest guys i’ve met in college. and so, despite my rigorous drive for self-control, i got kilig. even if i’m sure he’s married by now or has migrated. even if i’m sure it doesn’t mean anything, i got kilig. darn. i hate chemical reactions.


one of my pet peeves is meeting people who are not sincere. there have been lots of times i was hurt inadvertently, and that taught me to be more considerate of people. but there are really those times that reveal a nasty side of a person’s character that causes me to stop fighting for it. i’ve read somewhere that there are times you just walk away. now i’m being taught to walk away even if every step is painful.


it’s my stepmom’s death anniversary this october. it’s been 7 years, and i owe it to God’s grace that i managed to go on. there is only a handful who really know of my regard for her. suffice it to say that, based on mitch albom’s fiction, i would like her to be one of the five people i meet in heaven. that would be the day. can’t wait, man.


when i was a kid, i was often sad and preferred not to talk to anyone. fast forward to adult years, and it appears only little has changed.

but!! there are things and people around to cheer me up now. like my dogs. my collection of songs. my books. cheese. my friends. hugs. prayers said to Him. swimming. good news like mikael co winning first prize in the Palanca for Poetry (i used to have a crush on him; i’m pretty confident that this blog’s very small pool of readers doesn’t know him, thus the honesty). a familiar scent. poetry books. rainy days. a kid’s laughter. krishna. luna.

everything else, like sadness, or harsh words and mean actions, shy away under these shards of light.