another’s, he will be another’s

(the title originally runs as “another’s, she will be another’s” from pablo neruda’s poem, tonight, i can write the saddest lines)

last night, between 6-8PM, somebody stole my phone right under my nose at the office. i don’t know what hurts more: being tricked that way or realizing that karma has reared its mighty head. you see, a month ago, my little brother’s phone was stolen. of course, his habit of slinging his messenger bag way across his back gave the thief the advantage. for days, i called him stupid. last night, when i got home, he didn’t say “quits” to me. he gave me a hug.

now, you can call us “two stupid siblings.”

and i realized, between 3AM and 4AM last night, that losing a phone is like undergoing a break-up. you undergo different stages: anger, apathy, depression, acceptance. see, when you’re fresh from a break-up, it’s like having your world jarred really bad. your habits are disturbed, events end, places that shimmer now suck. picture this: when you go to sleep, you pat the other side of the bed to check if it’s there, and then you realize, it’s gone. and along with that disappearance is the agony of informing relevant people the news. and then telling them the story, admitting to them your mistakes and getting their pitying look.

last night, i oscillated from stoicism to mild rage because i lost the following:

– my photos with guyito
– my dogs’ photos
– rare photos
-photos i took when i went to U.P. for a shooting spree
– star-struck SMS (yes, i have a folder where i save SMS from people i admire. i lost the SMS sent by gelo suarez, gang badoy and tad ermitanio. fuck.)
-my favorite bible quotes
-URL list of strangers’ blogs
-photos with cynthia alexander
-that one sweet SMS from my dad
-my dolphin accessory
-great images for my wallpaper

oh, yeah, and my contacts, too. yep, i never backed up my contacts. i am open to being scolded for this.

and what do you know, in a span of a day, i began missing the old alarm clocks and the wall clock in my room. this morning, after dragging myself out of bed, i hollered down the stairs to ask what time it was.

to cheer me up, my friend and i surfed the net last night to look at the specs of the two phones i’ve been eyeing.

at the end of the day, the one thing i’m thankful for is the fact that the contents of my phone were all for general patronage.

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