these days

it’s hard to read paulo coelho’s the alchemist. i’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to fate. but my actions go against my skepticism. i don’t do anything vital and major in my life; i’ve so many plans and so many what-if’s moments that make me fume inside due to my stoicism. i’ve always wanted to be in charge and forget about fate. maktub, that word in the book, meaning “it is written,” illustrates that everything is pre-ordained. we can rebel against it and take charge. but in this situation, you only have to sit still and let things flow.

baby boom
one friend just had a baby (the baby’s name is skye. now isn’t that something?), while another is still nursing a huge bump. ain’t it a baby boom in my sphere? when will God play spin-the-bottle again? i wonder who’s next..

saturday event
Spark is hosting an event with Enchanted Kingdom this saturday. but then, i just found out that Guyito won’t dance anymore as part of our program. and i was so looking forward to it. 😦

currently listening to…
johnny mercer’s and henry mancini’s moon river as performed by louis armstrong. this song just melts my heart. i leave you for the moment with its words:

moon river wider than a mile
i’m crossing you in style someday
you dream maker, you heartbreaker
wherever youre going, i’m going your way
two drifters off to see the world
there’s such a lot of world to see
We’re after the same rainbow’s end
waiting round the bend
my huckleberry friend, moon river
and me

moon river

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