“are you the one they call beowulf?”

i’m sure you just read that phrase in that eerie but sensual tone of voice. heck, i’ve been watching too many movies that i know the lines from the beowulf trailer by heart. this friend i watch movies with even got amazed when i uttered the complete trailer lines at the moviehouse.

i’m fixated by the scene in the trailer where dead bodies hang from the ceiling. i know which part it’s to be shown so i kind of close my eyes but peek just when the bloody limbs appear.

fast forward to my room where a book causes me to sacrifice my CSI las vegas night marathon watching to read schindler’s list. i avoid watching the movie due to the tortures and the morose faces of the jews specially the children. the book has introduced me to amon goeth, who’s now one of my latest Google searches next to adolf hitler.

what’s my point? that i have met a version of amon goeth in real life, and that i better stop before this post gets any worse.

“she’s not my curse. not anymore.”

i wish i could say the same.


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