Monthly Archives: December 2007

calvin and hobbes and more

somebody nice just promised to get me a calvin and hobbes comic book this x-mas! yehey! you better fulfill that promise! 😛 and then the next thing i know, i’ll have my own collection of mutts, and calvin and hobbes, peanuts (oh, woodstock, my adorable baby) and the far side comic books. yippee! life is good!

my little bit of heaven

woodstock says: ”’ ” ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ” ‘ ” ” ‘ ‘ ” ‘

what i will be getting myself this x-mas:

1) genuine time for writing

2) time for dance classes

3) more time for swimming

4) coloring books!

5) books! *gasp*

no more nicey tops or shoes or jeans for me. i think i’ve had my fill of these. definitely more time for my friends, and more time for the family especially to mi mudra and mi padre. 🙂