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august 27

today, august 27, is extra special.

i pulled a surprise for a colleague-friend, lianne.
jaja surprised us with cakes in return for the birthday surprise we set up for her.
i made sturdy a wobbly friendship.
i read aloud a prayer, a poem by e.e. cummings, and a couple of poems by rainer maria rilke, not for any audience but for myself—my fatigue-ridden, scolio-trodden, but still cheerful self.
i talked to God today. He listened and is waiting.

today is extra special, a chancing melody that bears as much weight as a child in my arms: heavy as pounds of load but light as a wish.

in the words of cummings, i carry these in my heart, i carry people like them in my heart.

we haven’t located us yet

<<i’m watching the darjeeling limited while writing this entry.>>

the character that endeared itself to me the most is owen wilson’s named francis. he’s an overbearing eldest brother, obsessive-compulsive—he brought his assistant to plan the daily itinerary—and he has a knack for making rules right after notable incidents.

as the movie unwinds, fragments of india seeps through, and i am speechless. to go to india is one of my dreams, and seeing bits of its culture is just tantalizing. can’t wait to smell spicy india with my own nose. soon. we’ll make it work.

francis – portrayed by owen wilson
peter – portrayed by adrien brody
jack – portrayed by jason schwartzman

here are some exchanges that are just memorable:

“is that my belt?” francis asks.
“can i borrow it?” peter asks while preparing to say his prayers.
“well, not right now. i was looking for that earlier,” francis replies.
and peter stops praying and removes the belt.
“ask first, next time,” francis advises.

incense & belt

incense & belt


“maybe it relates to how we were raised,” peter muses.
{peter thinks that having a child by his girlfriend is pointless as he thinks he will eventually get divorced.}


“these guys are laughing at us,” jack observes.
“i love it here. these people are beautiful,” francis says.
{how naive can you get?}


“you don’t love me!” francis exclaims (francis and peter are beating each other up)
“yes i do!”
“i love you, too, but i’m gonna mace you in the face!” and jack covers their face with pepper spray.


“what did he say?” jack asks.
“he said the train is lost,” peter replies
“how can a train be lost? it’s on rails,” jack says.


“why is your head so bald?” francis asks his assistant, brandon.
“because i have alopecia,” brandon replies.
“oh, yeah. that’s like albino, right?” peter asks, matter-of-factly.
“not really.”
{this exchange was brandon’s cue to resign as francis’ assistant.}


“what’s wrong with you?” rita asks {rita is the train stewardess that jake fucked}
“let me think about that. i’ll tell you the next time i see you,” jake answers.
“sure. tell me, then,” rita answers.


“she’s been disappearing all our lives. we were raised to be treated like that,” francis observes about their mother
{this hits straight home}


“i guess i still got some more healing to do,” francis says.
“you’re getting there, though,” jack assures him.

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unforgetful you

(written on august 2 at gloria jeans coffee shop)

dear you,

i am here at gloria jeans coffee shop. people are minding their own business, while i sit here starry-eyed.

let me give you a backgrounder first.

20 hours ago, i was with my college blockmates, getting wasted on goldschlager and tequila rose.

15 hours ago, i talked to someone over my mobile phone for three and a half hours. i got high over countless stories, over a voice like no other’s, over a sweet buzz reminiscent of the movie elizabethtown.

6 hours ago, i burned money through shopping and salivated over shoes.

1 hour ago, i was with a visionary sharing with me his practical but innovative business plan.

now the main story:

15 minutes ago, i was given one of the sweetest kisses ever—more adventurous than the kiss stolen from me by my playmate, more lovely than my first kiss. this kiss i got was one of the most compelling ones i’ve received. i didn’t know his name, and he didn’t know mine. he was a 10-year-old-looking boy with Down syndrome. i was minding my own business when i saw him going up to his sister (this i assume) and his friends neck-deep in their medicine books. as if he owned their time, he started going around the table and giving each one of them a kiss.

afterwards, he made a beeline towards me seated at the next table. his lips were all puckered up, i remember. i welcomed him, his arms enveloping me. his lips were smooth and a bit cold from the airconditioning, but it was real, what he gave me. i felt he was the only person who mattered at that very instance. and then, just as quickly as he came, he was gone after a flurry of apologies from his guardians.

now, i’m here just enjoying the time, all starry-eyed because of a single kiss. i remember the tag of the movie one fine day: “she was having a perfectly bad day… then he came along and spoiled it.”

isn’t that something?