august 27

today, august 27, is extra special.

i pulled a surprise for a colleague-friend, lianne.
jaja surprised us with cakes in return for the birthday surprise we set up for her.
i made sturdy a wobbly friendship.
i read aloud a prayer, a poem by e.e. cummings, and a couple of poems by rainer maria rilke, not for any audience but for myself—my fatigue-ridden, scolio-trodden, but still cheerful self.
i talked to God today. He listened and is waiting.

today is extra special, a chancing melody that bears as much weight as a child in my arms: heavy as pounds of load but light as a wish.

in the words of cummings, i carry these in my heart, i carry people like them in my heart.


3 thoughts on “august 27

  1. superupper says:

    I miss your kwentos!!! I miss your scolio! I miss you bossing dear!!! 😀

  2. superupper says:

    Does your knee still hurt?

  3. weight of words says:

    super upper! kuwento ko? or mga hirit sa iyo? sa iyo na lang scolio ko, hehe. mas naga-attack siya pag malamig! minsan, masakit din yung knee ko. wait, bagay kang therapist ko! haha! 😀

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