the nights i got lost in dreams

there are dreams, there are fantasies, and there are nightmares.

i will not expound on all three as i am not an authority; i won’t tell you about my nightmares, either, for they are many, and i fear psychoanalysts might study my nightmares as part of an intellectual exercise.

what i can tell you about is how i invaded people’s dreams for a couple of nights. i didn’t plan it. there was no telepathy that happened; my sensitivity to the supernatural is as acute as a boulder sensing the touch of a wishing feather.

here are accounts from the dreamers:

august 29, 2008
“a feverish dream i just had. before i forget it, a part of it was with were sitting on ____’s chair, then you said, “i’m counting the ways that i took that led me here, wondering where the mistake was.”

i love the statement. i wonder, though, what it means to me and to the dreamer. and i wonder, which mistake was my dream self referring to….

august 30, 2008
“…apologies to your subconscious.”
“i could almost feel you being a wisp of a body in my arms…i could remember feeling your bones through your skin….”

when i got the SMS, it was early in the morning on a weekend. sleep still weighed on my neck and shoulders, and the words on my mobile screen were a blur. it was only after reading the first message for three times did i understand. it was beautiful, the idea of me being merely a ghost in someone’s arms—very surreal, something akin to characters of g.g.marquez’s or allende’s books.

i didn’t know if the planets thrummed a bit, or if the gods made love on these nights, or if the moon hummed a couple of tunes, but these are the nights i invaded people’s thoughts.
there are dreams, there are fantasies, and there are nightmares. whichever way the two dreamers interpreted and accommodated their dreams of me, one thing is for sure: i am never one to be shrugged off that easily even in one’s thoughts.


4 thoughts on “the nights i got lost in dreams

  1. sam says:

    waaah eva ang ganda mo talaga magsulat!<3

  2. weight of words says:

    sam! how are you? thank you, was probably lost in my own fantasies when i wrote it. haha! saw your radio hopping photos sa multiply. i’m glad you had fun there. 😀 hug!

  3. quel says:

    hehe. i’ve seen starplashes (sam) in livejournal before although we’re not really friends. small world. 🙂

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