great expectations (first social network entry as an official bum)

i love the book.

i love the movie.

i love having them.

i’ve been in jobless heaven for a month and a half. i’m doing part-time research and writing, but over-all, i can declare that i’m bumming it. and i am such a novice. first of all, if you’d expect that i’ve got it on with my poetry and fiction and that i’m done with dvd and art film marathons because of my free time, you guessed wrong. i have only read a smattering of new poetry and wrote only one measly poem. i was able to snag a couple of hours for “how i met your mother”; an hour and then some for “imagine me and you”. the rest goes to snatches of wowowee when i’m having lunch at the dining table (that show is one afternoon burlesque show masquerading as a variety show masquerading as a kapwa ko mahal ko version. get it?).

there was one time i was in a cover shoot with kai huang as the photographer in trinoma. back then, trinoma was fairly new, but the traffic of people on a weekend afternoon was phenomenal. i caught kai sighing. he said, “kakainggit sila. may pera kaya nakakapag-mall on a weekday.” now, i’m realizing maybe those weren’t simply parasitic relatives of OFWs/herederas/drug lords/sex traffickers. maybe some of them were jobless, were just killing time, and were taking advantage of a huge space with free airconditioning.

but then, with me being a novice bum, i haven’t gone to mall trips as expected. i’ve gone thrice to shop, cried internally when i saw steve madden shops in two malls, cried exhaustively when i went inside bookstores, cried for joy when somebody bought me another gary larson book. blame it on the A(H1N1) pandemic. if you haven’t seen a paranoid pinay going ballistic over news about swine flu, then you haven’t had an encounter with me. with every new release on the news updating the number of carriers here in our beloved country, i am consistent in cursing duque (oh that fuckingly stupid health secretary) and his larger-than-life incompetence. the only thing left for him to do is hold a presscon and admit to us the following: Filipinos, you are left to face this pandemic all on your own. The government is busy painting a pretty face for GMA and her cohorts, and it is my duty to help them. Oh, you can get face masks at any suking tindahan… NOT!

now, i’m still lazing in bed at 9:37AM while thoughts swirl around a pair of madden open-toed pumps in stellar four-inch heels. it is an impracticality, but certainly a necessity in my life. take me to bpo heaven, and give me salary fast.

but then, i’d miss my snatches of wowowee. who wants to miss pokwang and her antics and willie revillame’s fake tears and perv moves? definitely not me.


to cam and the others, let’s watch movies at the egai sai festival!


an advertorial i wrote came out on phil. star and manila bulletin yesterday. yey!! gotta get used to ghost writing. still felt iffy seeing the advertorial without a byline. i’m sure sir adel would be proud of me. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “great expectations (first social network entry as an official bum)

  1. Ben says:

    Thank you for your updates. I think about you a lot more than I probably should. I am glad that, pumps-lust aside, you seem to be doing fine as far as sabbaticals go…

  2. Upper says:

    Hahaha! Sorry, just remembered something: wala talagang effect yang vaccine mo! Remember, you had colds a few days after you had flu shots! Or whatever that shot was!

  3. Friend1 says:

    Hoy Eva, magtext ka kasi.

  4. Johne92 says:

    The principle isn’t to artificially turn out to be effective, fddbecddcgfe

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