bone woe

i have yet to have another trip to an orthopedic doctor.

i am a bit miffed. and bothered.

the pain in my forearms and neck is foreboding.


from late 2008 to early 2009, i did my rounds: i consulted four different doctors from four different hospitals to consult with them. all to be familiar with scoliosis, slipped disc, and nerve problems. i even had to endure that nerve test that involved needles, electricity, and computers and lots and lots of pain. and oh therapies and traction–definitely my cup of tea… (said in a snarl)

now, i would like to proclaim–my bones hate me, and i don’t have any clues why.

suffice it to say that for years, i go to sleep having only two or three options for rest positions. now, i go to sleep with the same ordeal, AND wake up with slightly numb hands. more for the right hand, but my left is also weakening.

i’ve gone to our apartment in Makati today to collect a pile of x-ray resuts and a sheaf of medical documents. all to arm myself with for the next trip(s?) to the hospital. can’t wait to see my machine friends. ooh, which hospital do i pick next? can’t wait; i just can’t wait.

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