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but we’re always through with youth

while working in the office (I go there once in a while), my officemate played Linger by the Cranberries. apart from my sudden respect for him for that song choice, he ushered in a long tucked away memory way back from Grade 7.

there we were, Frances Feranil and some other classmates whose names I can’t recall, gushing about our favorite bands. and then Cathy said, “I have the tape” (yes, dear reader, there used to be a time when cassette tapes existed). i asked if I could borrow it since I adored Linger and Dreams. the very next day, she had the set with her, and my weekend was tumultuously tremendous.

so. tape and all, dreams and lingering, cathy and I became a couple for a brief time — probably four months. i remember we even had matching Minnie Mouse rings and held hands under our schoolbags.

of course, we were young, the school was against us, I denied our relationship when I was grilled by a teacher, I shunned her away. years after when we got to talking (I think she went to ADMU, too. oh no, my memory is failing me!), she confessed that she was so terrified of me that upon realizing she misplaced her Cranberries tape, she went right ahead and bought a new one from the records store. that’s why the tape looked really new sans the frayed edges in the sleeve.

sometimes, I wonder if all along she feared me. but no worries — i kinda liked it, being feared.

i leave you with an achingly true line for some from the song: “you know I’m such a fool for you, you got me wrapped around your finger. do you have to let it linger?”

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see this post at my other post.

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new post at my other post

a new post at my other post.
title: A Hoard of Space
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