shoulda, woulda, coulda

Friends know what my dream school is.

At 28 years old, my only chance of getting in that school is by taking an M.A. course.

And so armed with a bag weighed down by an umbrella, a book, mp3 player plus other knick-knacks, I trooped to that school to enlist and enroll today.

I found myself surrounded by packs of undergrads toting plastic folders containing important looking sheets of paper. It reminded me of my long-lost habit of bringing folders and pieces of paper during college enrollment.

I’ve familiarized myself with the process, but when I got to the department, my admission slip wasn’t ready yet. Step 1 is nada, and the other steps are still a day or two away. Was I bummed.

I can’t wait to share with you upcoming misadventures. I usually have these during enrollment. Heh.


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