be good

it was supposed to be a quick trip to ateneo’s xavier hall to pay for (yet another) transcript request. it was also days after i found out that rizal library already had its dress code in place, thus my being powerless to access its multimedia area due to my comfy Crocs. boo-hoo. the silver lining behind these little mishaps is my bumping into one of my favorite teachers, ma’am rica bolipata-santos. yesterday, after getting off at the entryway of gonzaga hall, i visited the chapel and made my way towards xavier hall. after passing by berchmans, i spotted a familiar lady! we hugged, and i will never forget the first thing she said to me: it’s nice to hug someone who’s as tall as i am. haha! i walked her towards ctc building, and typical ma’am rica, she was being greeted by students and alumni alike, hugging a petite girl and complimenting another, and mildly scolding a male senior for not keeping his word. when we parted ways, she called out her signature daily adieu to all her students: “be good!” i felt i was a freshman again, wide eyed and eager, looking up to her and feeling my spirit glow with those two words. now, that remark has a slight difference for me. i believe her “be good” is not just a two-word phrase, but the tail end of a longer statement: “i want you to be good” or “i believe you are good” or “i have faith you will be good.”

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5 thoughts on “be good

  1. nikko says:

    lagi kaming nagbebreakfast nila mam rica! sama ka next time. haha.

  2. Cam says:

    I like it when they say “be good!” It’s so reassuring.

    Dito na lang ako mangungulit kasi wala ka man lang ni isang social network ekek.

    • weight of words says:

      i’d love to remind you to “be good”, hehe, you need to be reminded kasi. oops! 🙂 well, i have multiply and a website so that doesn’t leave me totally in the dark. it’s nice not to have FB, too. the anonymity is comforting. 🙂

      do you have complete SYTYCD episodes from season 1 onwards? 🙂

      • Cam says:

        Well, I wish I could say that I am a bad bad girl but my life is too boring that it’s impossible to believe that. 😛 Pa-mysterious effect ka pa!! Hehe, joke! 😛

        Ay, I only have season 3 onwards and there are some eps missing. Thank God for more SYTYCD fans.

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