exes, grand jetes, tequila shots

September 4, Saturday, was a packed day, to say the least.

I watched CCP Ballet Philippines’ Gala and was regaled with classical ballet and a couple of contemporary routines. My camera had to keep up with me as it wasn’t allowed to be used! Sneaky me was able to capture some scenes and being cooped happily in a parterre box with mi Jazzy, Abby and Rocky was an advantage.

After the event, we coasted to Nakpil for an exclusive party (fyi – exclusive parties or ‘exclu’ in the LGBT world means a party for L’s/G’s/B’s or T’s; and for the losers out there who don’t know what LGBT stands for, it’s Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders.)

It was my first exclusive and hopefully not the last one. Never mind that the entrance fee was steep, never mind that it was customary to down a tequila shot or two before being allowed entry (my OC side was super paranoid about the shot glass used, oh my.), never mind that it was a party sans the segments I expected (organized registration, wrist bands for “Singles”, “Taken” etc., games). But it was fun. For one, Rocky saw her ex at the party (awkward, heh!) Got reunited with Mr. Red Horse, danced for a few minutes and talked heart to heart at the top of my voice with high school friend Tider. There were a few hiccups like my other friend’s habit of dancing on the ledge with a stranger (!) and this episode when a butch tried to dance with me. Rocky earlier oriented me about what to expect, but I wasn’t told about this slight fault. Like in some bars frequented by heterosexual males, there would always be this sort of character lurking. I edged back to safety, and Jazzy saw what happened. That person was safe for the night because her departure saved her jaw from a mean punch or two from Jazzy. Eep.

I dig the dizzying shots I took of the party, and my digital take on Degas’ ballerinas. Here are a couple and then some.

view from the box

fell in love with the moon for the nth time


My lousy homage to Edgar Degas

aurora borealis?


in la-la land

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