punch-drunk argh!!

i am not convinced that the travel writing assignment bearing down on my shoulders is altogether a curse. after all, deadlines forever hound me.

the beauty of the place i visited for the assignment is almost beyond words.

it was just that the mode of transportation sucked (14-hour bus ride from manila and another wasted 14 hours for commute bound for manila) and the female companion i was with as part of the assignment coverage doubly sucked.

i usually shy away from authorities; i am an authority-worshipper when it comes to work. to put it simply, worship = fear. i seem to find kinship with grey’s anatomy’s arizona robbins (played by Jessica Capshaw) who would almost always defer to AND fear authority. but type A people who are smug and not necessarily have not been vested authority over me in my line of work? they suck.

i would love to rant about her smugness and know-it-all character, but the three nights i had to spend with her have siphoned off my rage.

some snippets:

– when i was interviewing a chef, she kept on expressing her opinion about the thoughts of the chef to the point that i had to remind her, “wait lang, i’m doing an interview here”.
– the way she would “command” me to inquire about this or follow up that concern as if i was an amateur.
– the way she overstepped her bounds as per the publishers’ wish regarding the look of the food shoot. i snapped at her, telling her that i don’t share the opinion of the publishers but theirs is the last word, and they’re the ones who hired us.
– the way she raved on and on about her dream wedding to the managers of the resort! Close kayo?!
– the way she would use my anecdotes or opinions as launching pad for her lengthy stories.
– the every-three-hour allusion to bali, indonesia like “ah, parang ganito sa bali”. wala ka na sa Bali, girl! goodness.

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