a little birdie’s persistent

the itch to set up a twitter account is becoming more pronounced.

let’s weigh the negative and the positive, shall we?

– i am not a celebrity. what will interest people to follow my account or read my Tweets?
– lack of time in updating it
– the imminent claustrophobia in a digital world growing smaller and smaller
– the fear that i will resort to posting what i ate for dinner. gah!

– i can claim my name for this social networking site. my name has been “appropriated” in Facebook.
– NPH’s account
– New Yorker’s account
– Lady Gaga’s account
– YSL’s account
– Yvonne Strahovski’s account
– Alanis Morissette’s account!!!!!!
– Alicia Silverstone’s account
– Anne Curtis’s account!

i already have a tumblr account, and i can’t even update it. i am a social networking site budding failure.

what can you say about my dilemma? care to drop weights either on the positive or negative side?

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4 thoughts on “a little birdie’s persistent

  1. Jaja says:

    – I’ll be knowing what you’re up to! (Yes, I’d like to know!) 🙂

    • weight of words says:

      love the photo, ja!

      you’re alive! you owe me a loooong email reply. i miss you! what have you been up to?

      love your point on the positive side. haha, apart from being afraid of posting what i ate for dinner, i’m afraid of doing a paris hilton mimicry: good night everyone, tweet dreams! xoxo.


  2. fredjordan says:

    Hey, hey, hey! It’s been a long time! Let’s meet up soon!

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