ooh, these little earthquakes

it makes me feel wicked to know that in my stalking of people via the internet (google, you are magic!), i get to stumble upon their blogs and troll their past entries.

i stumbled upon this blog owned by “Phil” (pseudonym, of course, and one that’s inspired by Modern Family!). Phil recounted his many heartaches and his chivalric attempts at wooing women, including but not limited to, having packets of chocolate handy for bouts of craving that may plague his crush. In my hazy memories of my academic years (yes, it’s true, insomnia zaps healthy brain cells), there are instances that just need some virtual optical refocusing. phil used to bug his female acquaintances for his oddness. yes, i think that’s the correct term for his acts — odd. to cut the long narration short, i knew after some time that he was just using me as buffer. people readily assumed phil had a crush on me (unbelievable because in the sea of beauty and wit found at my university, i was a plankton into literature), and he latched on to it, projecting this while making moves on a girl or two.

years and years after, i’ve chanced upon his blog, and his words all support my claim. you feisty, utilitarian you! smart move. smart.

but the sad thing is, he remains heartbroken and nostalgic.

he pines in his kingdom of oddness.

and i am still into literature. oddly, i still feel like a plankton.

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2 thoughts on “ooh, these little earthquakes

  1. eva sino ‘to? Si c…ba ‘to? hahahaha.

    • weight of words says:

      yep, si c… wag ka, published writer na yon. sabi pa niya about me sa blog entry, “i didn’t even find her pretty.” guwapo niya kasi, hahaha!

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