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Gutter heaven

i’m lazy to do research online if it’s not related to my job or class requirements. i just stalk people and judge them for a few seconds after Google search yields lousy results, lousy being a very, very relative term here. heh. so when a twitter account surfaced named “banksy” (or Ricky Banks), i almost fell out of my chair. a few of you know that i heart the elusive-one-who-vandalizes-public-property-with-great-and-heavy-art-that-it-just-makes-us-gratefully-sick guerilla artist banksy. in my train rides to and from my place, i would fantasize that i would spot a banksy artwork on a urine-desecrated wall or a very convincing work of a copycat. no such luck yet. the account shows it has 0 followers and 0 people “banksy” follows. the tweets are also protected from public scrutiny. darn. if any one gets to find out if it’s the real deal, tell me. the niggling feeling doesn’t go away, though. it’s not his, it’s not his, i keep telling myself since this afternoon. the first name is a giveaway. right? i myself wouldn’t be caught dead naming a kin, a child or even my future pets or gadgets ricky.

in other news, jazz and i have our twitter accounts set up already. it’s a compromise for not having FB accounts. hers: attyjazztamayo (’cause someone beat her to ‘jazztamayo’). mine’s aghostworld. both are locked. if you’re interested in becoming part of our/my twitter sphere, just email us a video recording of a couple of your dance routines to the tune of macarena and aringkingkingking before we consider you a worthy ‘follower’. all hail banksy (the real one)! 

Another Banksy masterpiece. Photographed by Adrian Pingstone.

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