surreal indeed

i woke up today with an urgent plan: to print my form 5A for my supposed enrollment tomorrow.

most of the time, being OC has its perks (sometimes, though, people do give me hurt looks for my being rude, but it’s quite okay). since i was logged in my crs/student account, i went through the registration schedule. being an M.A. student, i didn’t quite know where to categorize myself. still, i made inquiry and was told i could enroll today.

i dragged myself out of the house at around 11am, toting the forms and a book and a slew of items inside my bag. i didn’t have time to fix my bag. so it came as no surprise to find inside my toffee Crumpler tote a black belt.

i categorize this day as a surreal one.

here is a handful of proofs:

– Ate Julie of English department snapped at me. or to be more exact, lamented to no one after i asked a simple question. there is a discrepancy in the “summons” of the higher ups re the number of pre-req subjects i should take, and i was desperate to track the original copy of the letter they sent to me. that was my concern. and she snapped and lamented and complained. afterwards, she answered my question. i love drama especially if i triggered it.

– I was advised by isabelita banzon-mooney *tralala
yep, another poet that i idolize. and so i had that cheshire grin again, and i switched from “Prof” to “Ma’am” to address her. i controlled myself from blurting out that i love her poetry. starstruck, sigh.

– I finished paying for my units at around 2pm. Yep, you read it right. 2pm. If you read my misadventures in my previous enrollment, you’d understand my relief and my tears of joy. and the girl one saw traipsing down the hall of the registration building? well, that was me.

– i am in correspondence with Karl de Mesa, another writer, for an article assignment i bugged him to take on. i reported on a short memoir he wrote for class, and it’s nice to correspond with him now.

it’s a very surreal day, indeed. i can’t even sum it up for you. maybe it’s too huge for words. very surreal. i had to pinch myself twice to see if i were still anchored in real life.


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