latest peeve

*this is me channeling james thurber and his irritation towards the spreading “you know” virus in conversations, circa 1955

My latest peeve: when people take for granted the difference in usage between two colloquial terms: “yey” and “yay”.

“yey” is shortcut for yehey. it’s usually blurted out when one’s giddy-happy.

“yay” is a negative reaction, maybe stemming from the term “Yikes”.

i’ve seen this confusion countless times, and I can only rant about it here.

and don’t get me started with “rant” and “rave”.

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2 thoughts on “latest peeve

    • weight of words says:

      quelits! did you see, you’re in my blogroll. haha, improving on widgets use.

      thanks for the link. BUT in filipino use in texting, some people differentiate use and understanding of the two. i should have clarified. 🙂

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