i hate Glee.

that’s one of the facts difficult to change about me. that’s one of the things i won’t ever change. it’s not just because of lea michele. the show is too perky, too happy. except for jane lynch’s presence, Glee sucks big time.


guesting GWYNETH PALTROW is nothing short of brilliant. and sneaky from the point of view of a Glee detractor yet Gwyneth fan like me.

she can sing. she can dance, not to mention she can act. she has a commanding presence that leaves you breathless. she is nothing short of amazing. she’s a great mother, she speaks Spanish and gives the language a sizzling twang. she lets it hang loose, she blogs, she’s of a classic beauty. being married to a talented musician is a simple addition to her already compelling personality.

i am not a Glee convert, but i skipped work hour, sacrificed a Celebrity Apprentice episode, moved bath time to sit through Glee to watch her, i mean, the episode.

i can’t remember exactly when i started liking her with a passion, but definitely that happened when i was in high school. as i get older, i wish so hard to exude a similar charisma like hers. i know that’s like teaching marianne rivera to speak english in a decent manner, but hey, i can dream, right?

i had to sit through perky singing and acting plus lea michele’s irritating acting and speaking voice. but every thing was worth it — for that bit showing jane lynch’s character and holly holiday (that’s gwyneth’s) hanging out, for her performance of cee-lo’s fuck you (or forget you for the sissies) (gangster rock rocks, right?!), for her All that Jazz rendition (oh, i almost didn’t notice lea michele in that part. my bad. *grin)

and since Glee’s on a roll (i heard javier bardem’s guesting), maybe they can guest keira knightley, scarlett johansson, james mcavoy, and natalie portman, too. or maybe not.

Glee sucks, but Gwyneth brought it on. she brought it.

mary todd lincoln in the house!

Bewitched by Gwyn yet again

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