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quick entry (because deadlines are ready to pounce on me)

A poetry classmate, Andrew Ty, observed that I write like Denise Levertov. In high school, Nat Gamalinda said I write like Chinese poet Li Po.

Today, I sort of found an anchor for my poetics. Specifically, my poetry classmates spelled it out for me. But Maritess, Shane, and Andrew agreed it will change or will vary in the years to come. Or I may find myself totally scrapping it.

But right now, I like the scheme of planning my “poetics” (naks). It’s so weight of words-y, this project. I really hope we (meaning to say I and life as it torments every one of us) see this through.

photo from getty images

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but why didn’t i think of this before getting a different one on my back?

A woman with a tattoo featuring idol Salvador Dali’s The Elephants (1948)


And mine


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Poem pending for this wild thing

The food-muncher and the time-consumer who thinks I’m his walking teether.

When he’s groggy in the morning and yawns with abandon, those are priceless.

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