quick entry (because deadlines are ready to pounce on me)

A poetry classmate, Andrew Ty, observed that I write like Denise Levertov. In high school, Nat Gamalinda said I write like Chinese poet Li Po.

Today, I sort of found an anchor for my poetics. Specifically, my poetry classmates spelled it out for me. But Maritess, Shane, and Andrew agreed it will change or will vary in the years to come. Or I may find myself totally scrapping it.

But right now, I like the scheme of planning my “poetics” (naks). It’s so weight of words-y, this project. I really hope we (meaning to say I and life as it torments every one of us) see this through.

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7 thoughts on “quick entry (because deadlines are ready to pounce on me)

  1. Jaja says:

    Hi Eva, I emailed you again. Hay… Thank you in advance. 🙂

  2. I went on Google to find something about Shane (I’m writing a blog entry) and just found this today. I remember saying this, and it still seems to me appropriate in some ways. But yes, there are changes in the tides as well.

  3. weight of words says:

    Oh, A, I don’t know what subject to take for my last elective. I’m thinking Phil Lit in English (CL 350). I wonder if that would help me solidify ideas for my thesis. Other options: Aesthetics and Art Theories in Contemporary Culture; Film, Gender, Other Identities (Jason Banal, I think); Feminist Perspectives in Lit (Legasto); Popular Culture; Third World Lit (A. Lucero). Any recommendations? My works are disparate, and I still don’t have an “arc” for the works. I am dreaming of taking up a blanket subject that will *eventually* help me in producing my thesis.

    • Glenn, Tin, Dominique took up CL350; it may depend on the teacher but you can ask them what that was like. Might give you a historical perspective.

      If Legasto was teaching CL302, I would recommend that. If you are interested in feminist theory, go for it. I love Legasto.

      Nina took an Aesthetics class. It might be that one but I’m not too sure.

      Sorry if I’m not much help! At least, except for CL350, these classes sound pretty specific.

      • weight of words says:

        Thanks, A. I’m torn between CL 350 and CL 282 Feminist Perspectives. G. Abad is teaching Poetics next sem. Sit in ka!

      • weight of words says:

        I signed up for Feminist Perspectives. Do help me when I holler for help. Please? 🙂 I.M. asked us to write a Poetics essay for our final manuscript. I thought, so this is how to wing a poetics paper. :-/

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