Thoughts while a file i’m downloading is at 29%

* I’ve managed to escape from the prison that is the magazine world, and I’ve just found myself worming my way back in.

* “Life is a piece of cake” sings Ely Buendia. I have to hand it to our neighbor residing at an apartment on our building’s ground floor. He has mixed taste. One time, it’s Eheads (yeesss!); the next, some Sunday senti songs for lazing around (on a Wednesday!).

* I’ve stopped looking at other people’s blogs. Some are tiresome and irritate the shit out of me.

* Birthday month is approaching. So what? O_o

* Meeting high school ‘friends’ this week. Another ‘so what?’ I’m more giddy about the open invite from Conch for coffee (Quel! Si Conch!).

* A friend of a friend asked for Redeemers’ Home contact info. I was told this person plans to donate clothes. This made my day.

* A poetry classmate is cramming his poetry finals. I wonder how one can cram poetry… (tiny voice in my head: sacrilege!)

* The New York Times is done with their pay matrices. Wait, will there be no sites for free viewing for us cheapskates? It’s okay, I seldom read news, but it’s still nice to have (free) options open.

* Former officemate Cindy is back in Manila for a two-week or so vacay. Things haven’t changed: the banter, the lost feeling I get sometimes among people, and Cindy’s %$%$ karaoke voice. ❤

Download's done. So what?

Listening to: Huwag mo nang Itanong


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