crests and troughs

Ma'am Rica's FB post

It’s a roller coaster ride for me this week with mostly crests.

I’d like to focus on the crests and try to quash the troughs.

The troughs first: I received word from a literary website that said “these poems weren’t quite right” in response to my poetry submission. I’ve gotten many rejections, but it’s always new to me — the feeling that I don’t measure up. I’ve also gotten myself into a project that is slowly consuming my time and self-esteem without the fair remuneration. I am bound by contract to this project up to December. Mistakes like this one are never fun.

The crest is a huge one with my being accepted to the 50th Silliman National Writers Workshop. This is my second or third attempt, to be honest, and I never thought my application this year would get in.

Here’s the site with the names of the fellows for poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Congratulations to these girls and boys.

The main reason I wanted to get in is to meet the great Edith Tiempo. I totally forgot the other aspects of the package if I get in — the panelists’s critique (read: ouch!), the almost one-month workshop period, the need for me to squeeze in work in every break I get, the critique, the critique, and the critique. I’ve heard lots of urban legends about the Silliman Workshop that I can actually compile these into a booklet titled “Why Poetry can Bleed You Dry”.

Thanks to friends who expressed their happiness over my latest literary milestone (naks). Thanks to my former professor who recommended me. Thanks to Ma’am Rica Bolipata-Santos for posting her kind wishes over at Facebook. Thanks to LBC Esteban Abada for doing its job. Thanks to the girlfriend for your immeasurable support.

And now to toughen up for this lit marathon…

from Doug Savage’s

2 thoughts on “crests and troughs

  1. Jaja says:

    Congratulations, Eva! I am so proud of you! (And I’m so proud to have a writer/poet friend. Yipeeeeee!). Tell me about your workshop ha!

    I love and miss you,
    (sending you a whole lotta kisses and hugs from the desert, hehe)

    • weight of words says:

      Thanks, dear. Aspiring poet pa lang, hindi pa poet. Have to earn that title pa. Hope all is well sa side mo. Miss you much!

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