deathly: back in your head, cornflake girl!

whenever i work, i try to listen to music. in between transcribing interviews, my hands go on auto looking for tegan and sara, tori amos, and aimee mann over at youtube.

for tonight’s search, i found this two-minuter. i like sara more than tegan in terms of facial features. but since they’re identical twins, the fact that i have a hard time telling them apart just tickles me. i was told there were initial plans to bring them over here for a concert, but every thing’s all abstract. so this is my attempt to campaign for their concert to push through here in manila. even without Facebook (where I heard people are voting for the concert to happen here), i am doing my part.

to help me identify sara more, I’ve decided to research on her tats.

here’s from

Upper Right Arm –black symbol
Outer Right Forearm –colourful tree
Outer Left Arm near Elbow –black symbol
Inner Left Forearm –colourful tree with heart
Upper Right Bicep –beginning of quote from Bruce Springsteen’s The Human Touch “What you don’t surrender” by Justina Kervel
Upper Left Bicep –continuation of quote from Bruce Springsteen’s The Human Touch “the world just strips away” by Justina Kervel

Inner Left Forearm – symbol that looks like a capital E with an extra line
Inner Left Bicep – black and red birds
Outer Right Wrist – black six lines
Inner Right Wrist – black ring
Right Bicep – black rope-ish design COVER-UP by boat in waves
Inner Right Bicep – black ninja with sword in front of tree
Centre Back – black design

therefore, on this video, Sara is the one on the right. i was correct all along! 55 points!

okay, scuttling back to work now.

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