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Should I trust Wikianswers?

In English, a good rule of thumb is that there is one syllable per audible vowel sound. So in ‘sprite’, only the ‘i’ is audible. (The ‘e’ is silent, though it influences the pronunciation of the ‘i’.) Rare exceptions to this are words like ‘rhythm’, which is pronounced like a 2-syllable word: ‘rhyth-m’.
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Okay, noted, but should I trust you?

in other (personal) news, my brother is sick as per his punctuation mark-less SMS because of the moody weather, i’m killing time channel-surfing, and the girlfriend is out with one of her best buddies on a quick drive to tagaytay and back. my brother just sent an SMS telling me he just saw Jazz over at Brigada on TV. what the hell is brigada? and on what local channel again?

accompanying the blustery weather that makes me happy is the news that gay marriage is now legal in New York. fist pumps in the air! it’s so liberating to note that one of the most advanced cities has just abandoned some of its regressive ways.

there are people who think or who assume that LGBT people only wish for the ceremony associated with the marriage rites — dresses, dances, food, the “you may now kiss the bride” part, and the whole hoopla and riot of organizing one. if that’s the only aspect of it, then more LGBTs would have trooped to Reverend CJ’s Metropolitan Church group (an NGO officiating ceremonies for LGBTs based in Quezon City) and would have requested a commitment ceremony right then and there.

what LGBT people are after are the legal rights that come after the legal ceremony — the right to co-own property, to co-adopt, to have one’s partner as part of one’s will under the “family” category, to decide for one’s partner during medical emergencies. In short, to be recognized as part of a duo under the law. here in our country with the anti-discrimination bill pending for years, LGBT people cannot even argue for the right to be respected as per their gender identity. we can’t even give justice to those who have been physically, emotionally, and sexually violated and who have been killed simply for claiming the brave banner of being lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. no wonder some heterosexual people claim that some lesbians are just too defensive as it is, day in and day out, or that some gays are pa-men or pa-mhinta. eh ikaw kaya gawing butt of jokes since high school, ewan ko kung di ka maging defensive?

I love my vodka, but here's more reason to love Absolut. In 2008, it created a lovely bottle celebrating the 30th anniversary of the rainbow flag. From

if you know anyone who has gone through discrimination because of his or her gender identity, i hope you have tried being there for that person. it’s not about kindness even. kindness presupposes a disparity in status. it’s just how things are supposed to be — equal and ultimately, gay and happy.


A good read: Why every straight person needs to hang a rainbow flag by Alice Dreger

tomorrow, Pride March will be held in Baguio City. i salute our contingents there. congratulations also to Rainbow Rights Project founder angie umbac who is the international grand marshal in the 2011 Toronto Pride Festival. this is a huge deal for a lesbian Filipina since “the International Grand Marshal will act as an ambassador to highlight international human rights issues throughout the Pride Week festival at official human rights events and other events. In addition, she will lead the Dyke March and the Pride Parade.“ YES! ikaw na, Anggeh!

let’s continue celebrating diversity even in our own little ways.

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