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word played

when i write poetry, i often challenge myself to use specific words and preferably those that are seen as denotative.

recent challenges have proven successful.

i have used encyclopedia and asphyxiated and quarry.

i have yet to use signposts and foreclosure and zookeeper and mortgage.

a fellow poet noticed how i am so used to employing the word “spy”. she even cited how this word figured in all the poems that were critiqued in Silliman Workshop. is this due to the voyeur in me? or maybe just the open-ended sound at its end like a cat circling and circling by your feet until it finds its gravitas and slides down to rest?


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northshore: another tegan and sara song

This is Northshore by Tegan and Sara which reminds me of Hole’s style. I like the works of the duo when they use less electronica and rely less on synthesizers.

And now Hole’s Violet

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