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hunter and hunted: Tori Amos goes for the kill again

Tori Amos’s 12th studio album, Night of Hunters, is out now. Expect the strange and the familiar from her works, this time with acute references from master pianists, composers, and larger than life musical creations.

This site expresses thoughts on the album succinctly: “On Night of Hunters, her 12th studio album and, notably, first for Deutsche Grammophon, the Peabody Conservatory prodigy draws on four centuries of European art music (Bach, Schubert, Chopin, Satie, among others), as well as on popular balladry and elements of contemporary musical theater, to create a song cycle by turns intricate and impressionistic, demanding and enchanting.”

I’m excited to sample this album and look forward to feeling stupid over my lack of knowledge when it comes to the references to musical greats. I’m imagining the experience: It’s akin to getting drunk on bottles and bottles of red wine.

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